Green Christmas

Christmas Lovers' Club - Green Christmas

A great Christmas doesn’t have to have a large detrimental impact on the Earth.   While we’re all dreaming of a White Christmas, it’s important that we do everything possible to make this a Green Christmas too.

Alongside our regular awards for the Christmas products we love, the Christmas Lovers’ Club is proud to offer our Green Awards for products, gifts and services which are environmentally conscious and aware.

Our Club does everything possible to promote sustainable, ecological Christmases, from shopping for food locally to buying gifts responsibly, and always setting our sights on minimizing waste.

We all want to enjoy Christmas and continue the spirit of feasting and giving and receiving presents.   But as Santa’s home is now underwater for much of the year, it’s high time to be responsible too.

Stay tuned to this page for more information about what we’re doing to support a Green Christmas.