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Christmas Lovers' Club - Apply for an Award

We love to give out awards to business, products and services we feel truly deserve it.

Awards, simply put, deliver increased sales, exposure and brand recognition for any business that receives them.  Our award system is delivered impartially and based on quality, which increases their credibility to the consumer.

You can read about how we communicate our awards system to our members and the general public *here*.

Our awards are available to all business or products listed in our Wonderland online directory. There’s no charge to enter for our awards as many times as you like, once you’ve joined our directory.

Wonderland has many benefits and is designed to gain your business as much recognition, exposure, click throughs and sales as possible for all your Christmas products at the lowest possible price point.   As well as being featured to the general public, we make sure our members are aware of all the best Wonderland has to offer via our members’ magazines and newsletters.

Awards range from national recognition in Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, through to regional recognition in the same categories, and lastly, simply recommending your product.

All awards are delivered with an electronic Award Certificate for you to print out, (or you can order a bespoke and hand signed certificate from us if you like.).  We can also support you with award stickers for your products, window decals and further marketing support if you wish.

We only ask that the product our service you’re submitting has to be relevant to Christmas.  This doesn’t have to be something explicitly “Christmassy” – it can just be a nice product that people would like to try themselves or give as a gift for Christmas.

It’s important to apply for awards as early in the calendar year as possible.  This is for two reasons:  the early you’re successful, the more you can plan your Christmas campaign and the longer relevant links and online postings are visible.  Also, we are usually very busy later in the year and want to make sure that all businesses wanting to gain an award get the opportunity before their Christmas sales start.

To apply, after signing up for Wonderland, you’ll receive an email telling you what the next steps are.

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