Christmas Lovers' Club - Marketing

We offer a wide range of marketing advice and support for businesses wishing to achieve the best possible results for their Christmas products or services.  We can help you with anything from branding to social media, whether you’re a start up with a “passion product” or a more established business who wishes to get more out of Christmas.

Christmas should be a great time of year for any business, but all businesses are competing during those busy weeks.  The number one mistake many businesses make is not planning for Christmas until later in the year.  If you’ve visited exhibitions like the Harrogate Christmas Fair, you’ll be able to see businesses planning for their next Christmas season in January.

Early reach for Christmas can be key.  Although many customers don’t want to think about explicitly Christmassy things until the Autumn, it’s very possible to make sales all year round, or to build awareness for your company, brand and products so that you hit the ground running during the busy season.

Why choose us for Christmas related marketing?

Three reasons.

First of all, it’s all we offer and all we want to offer.  We want to help you get ahead next Christmas and then let others know how we’ve helped your business grow.

Secondly, we have 20 years’ experience of growing businesses, in one case from a “one man band” to a multi-million pound UK market leader.  We just have a sense for good business and love to pass on our experience.

Thirdly, marketing agencies generally only have the experience of being marketing agencies, not clients.  We know what it’s like to be the client of a marketing agency.  We’ve worked with small independents to large full service marketing companies; we’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of the marketing world.   As a client, we know the frustrations of bad communication, being over-charged, having projects under-deliver, or agencies say they can help but not have the expertise to back that up.   If we can help you, we will, and be honest and upfront about what we can do and the prices we’ll charge.  If we can’t, we’ll tell you and try and point you in the right direction.   We may recommend agencies we’ve worked with along the way who we know we can trust if they’re the best way forwards for your business.  In addition, if your business scales up rapidly and needs more support than we can offer, we’ll help.


What can we offer?

We can offer the following marketing services:

·         Initial Review and Marketing Consultation

·         Marketing Coaching

·         Branding, Trademark advice, Logos

·         Main ad spend strategy

·         Social Media: growing audience and awareness

·         Social Media: targeted split-tested advertising campaigns

·         Blog/PR/Content

·         Website creatives

·         Marketing collateral

·         PPC campaigns

·         SEO strategies


To enquire further about our marketing services please call or email.