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Born Free – Adopt The Brown Bear

brown bear adoption kit including bear toy, information and magazine

For a gift that keeps on giving, in so many ways, why not adopt these adorable Brown Bears? You can adopt as a gift, which they will receive a gift pack, soft toy, and an Adopt magazine twice a year, giving a half-year pick me up! Not only will they love to receive this fabulous gift, but you are also helping out the animals and the natural world.

With so many animals in need of help across the globe, Born free offer a wide range of adoption packs. From elephants to tigers, gorilla to orca, there is a adoption pack perfect for everyone. Give the gift of giving back to our wonderful earth and the diverse animals that we share with it!

Born Free take pride in working tirelessly to ensure all wild animals, whether they are in captivity or in the natural wild, are treated with compassion, respect and have access to everything they need to survive.