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EarthBits – Vegan Bath Bomb Sets

vegan bath bombs in 3 different colours

Vegans everywhere can finally relax in bliss with the EarthBits bath bombs! Choose from beautiful scents like lavender, ocean breeze or ylang ylang! Each bath bomb is handmade with plant-based ingredients, fully biodegradable glitter, natural flowers and colours, presented in a rustic looking brown box with eco-friendly wool paper, which makes them as good for the earth as they are for you!

Believing that a real change can come from individual and societal choices, EarthBits works towards a plastic, waste-free world. Vetting each and every product for the sustainability is one of the process that make EarthBits stand out from the crowd, giving you the added relaxation of knowing your purchase is going to products that are truly thought out and have care added to every aspect of it.