Edera Chocolate – Loaded Strawberry and Raspberry Ruby Chocolate Bar

Support a start-up this Christmas.

We have awarded an award to this Edera chocolate bar as after sampling their chocolate we cannot recommend it more!  This luxury chocolate bar simply melts in your mouth and you can taste the quality with every bite.

Edera uses only the finest single-origin chocolate from Madagascar to form each handcrafted bar. Every bar comes beautifully packaged and you can even as for your gift to be personalised.

What is single-origin? It is chocolate made up of cacao that has only been grown in a specific region. Each region has its own variety of cacao, climate, and many other factors which make each single-origin chocolate special.

Vegan & Gluten-free options are available.

How orders work:
You order by weight – 250g, 500g 1kg, 2kg & 3kg are available.
Orders are made fresh every Sunday. Then sent out for delivery on Monday. You will receive it by Wednesday. Uk only 🇬🇧