2021 West Midlands

Holly’s Lollies – Raspberry Prosecco Candy Cane

Who can resist a bit of festive fizz? Adding a raspberry to the glass makes us feel extra fancy. Now you can get that feeling from these super sweet candy canes! The candy canes not only look good on a Christmas tree or table, but they taste delicious too! Made with real prosecco and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this is a set of candy canes you wont want to share.

When Holly was on 2013’s summer break from university, writing a food blog inspired days playing around with different sweet recipes. Family and friends soon became huge fans of these delicious makes and insisted on paying for them. This is when Holly first ventured into Etsy. Back at university, this new hobby had to take a back seat. Once she had graduated in 2015, Holly’s Lollies became a full time passion! Now a big name in the confectionary business, down to her traditional methods and unique alcoholic recipes, it is time you discovery the sensational sweets for yourself!