2021 East Midlands

Honeywell Biscuit Co. – Novelty Christmas Jumper Biscuits

Combining two of the best things about Christmas, jumpers and food, this set of 6 biscuits is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Made from delicious vanilla biscuits and hand decorated with fondant and royal icing, they not only look good, but taste amazing too! Be sure to choose your favourite before everyone else. They will go just as you set them out in a flurry of hand movements.

As with many conversations in the UK, Honeywell Biscuits was born over a cuppa and well, biscuits! The team of 23 self-confessed baking connoisseurs work hard to bake the joy and happiness into everything they do. Combine locally sourced ingredients, with sustainable yet luxurious packaging, and you have the core values of Honeywell Biscuits. Why not taste test a few of the delicious bakes? Or get in the kitchen yourself with one of the fantastic baking kits? They are perfect for Christmas presents for bake off fans too!