2021 South West

Kimbers’ Farm – Free Range Turkey Breast Roll

Are you keeping it small and simple this year? Then Kimbers’ turkey breast will be perfect for you! The turkey breast is rolled around some succulent stuffing and tied into an easy to carve joint. Forget the fiddling around, forget the mess. Just cook, carve an enjoy! All Christmas poultry will be delivered on December 22nd, meaning it is not taking up room in your freezer too.

After 350 years of the Kimbers family farming at Charlton Musgrove, the reign of Paul and Ruth started in 1973. By feeding the animals wholesome feed including home grown wheat, maize/grass silage and meadow hay, the high quality of your meat from the farm is maintained. Over the years the family has grown, and so has their animal husbandry expertise. Now you will be able to find the whole family either pitching in on the farm, or selling the produce in there shop or local farmers markets.