My Head Cover – A Personalised Golf Headcover

Looking for something that they definitely wont have? This completely personalised Golf Headcover is just the thing to bring a smile to their face! With a picture of them, and even a personalised top, each head cover is truly unique. All you need to do is send over clear picture of the person and sit back knowing you have found something that they will love and use over and over again.

Started as a dream of an excited 16 year old, My Head Cover became a dream that came to life 20 years later. Inspired by the Ian Poulter’s head cover’s that stocked the shelf, 100’s of golfers now have their very own version! You can choose from a printed picture, a caricature face or challenge the team to a completely bespoke head cover. Bringing the fun to golf, they will be your favourite lucky item that you can’t play without!