2021 South East

Outsider Tees – This Is My Christmas Jumper

this is my christmas jumper

Does the idea of a sparkly, gaudy Christmas jumper fill you with dread? Maybe you know someone who has a touch of the “bah-humbugs”. Or do you have a teen who is too cool to enjoy the season? Get them involved in spreading the Christmas spirit with this jumper! Choose from black, white, grey or burgundy, in sizes small to extra-large. However, if you need a different size or colour, get in touch with the team who will be able to create the perfect, edgy jumper for you.

Outsider is the place to be for those tops that say just what your mind is thinking! From puns, to funny saying and the straight to the point, these jumpers and tees will match your every mood perfectly. If they have a catchphrase or something they say whilst rolling their eyes at you, you are bound to find it her! It is sure to bring a twitch of a smile to even the grumpiest of teens.