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Root and Flower – Yoga Balm and Atmosphere set

yoga gift set featuring 3 different balms and a room mist

Yoga is a growing practice throughout the UK. With many people taking up the art of stretching to find some zen, help with aches and pains or just as an act of self care and self love. These gift set includes an atmosphere mist and three different balms to help guide you through the session and enhance the relaxation. If they are a yoga master, or looking to add the practice to the new years resolutions, this gift is going to be greatly apricated in every session.


Creating raw, organic, 100% natural remedies is at the heart of everything that Root and Flower do. With no hidden nasties you can rest assured that these products are of the highest quality. Made in small batches with traditional artisan techniques, the love and affection is stirred into every product.