7 Must Have Decorations for Valentines Day

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The day of love is almost upon us.

February 14th comes as a welcomed relief to the end of January and gives us reason to celebrate again. If you are madly in love, happily married or celebrating yourself, bringing some hearts into the home is a great way to celebrate the day of love.

Here are 7 of our favourite Valentines day Decorations from Amazon!

Felt Heart Garland

This pack of 3 felt heart garlands will look great draped over the door or hanging on a wall. The felt means they will keep for multiple celebrations! We love the idea of using the hearts for birthdays, anniversary’s, or simply just because they brighten up the room.

Love Gonk

The gonk tread continues with these cute figures. We wonder what hidden messages of love they are here to deliver!

Heart Doilies 

We are bringing doilies back with this cute set of three colours! These would look beautiful on a plate for cake or scattered on the table. It is the small touches like these that often make the biggest difference!

Rose Petals

The classic show of love is now available in a much easier way than actually picking the petals off of roses! This bag contains 100% natural red rose petals. All the romance, none of the stress.

Heart Baubles

Turn that Christmas tree into a romance tree with this pack of 30 or 60 heart baubles. They are available in packs of multi colours, or stick to one colour for your love theme!

Wooden Heart Fairy Lights

Suitable for use inside or out, no matter the setting for your evening, these will help you light up your love.

Heart Shaped Tea Lights


Don’t forget the mood lighting. This pack of 50 heart shaped tea lights should help with that!

If you are decorating for Valentines day, don’t forget to share your pictures with us! Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email [email protected]

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