Christmas Tree Colour Schemes

Daydreaming of Christmas trees can look different for everyone. From warm to snowy, traditional to modern, your Christmas tree can show your inner soul for everyone to see. Here we look at the different colours for your decorations, so you can dress your tree in the finest!

Add Cooper tones for warm

Metallics don’t always need to mean sparkles and bling! Cooper and Bronze are often over looked at Christmas, however, they can bring a sophisticated touch to your tree whilst warming up the tones. Join these with mustards and rust colours to make your tree look elegant and well put together.

Go Rich with Jewel Tones

Give your tree a make over with some indulgent colours! Think emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple and citrine yellow, these look simply stunning against a dark tree!

Bring in the Blues

Blue is slowly making its way into a true Christmas colour! From Navy to icy blue, no matter what colour scheme you work with, a hint of blue is sure to make your decorations pop! You could even go all out and use just shades of blue, which will give a completely different feel to your tree.

Snow White

Stop dreaming for a white Christmas and simply create one! Using whites, clear crystal and different textures, this look is truly dramatic. Although, it might not be to everyone’s taste and may not be great with children or pets!

Pink Perfection

You can achieve the feel of nostalgia and old-style photos by using a sweet dusky pink. It makes your home feel like you have put a filter on it, giving it warmth and calm. Softer than red, warmer than white, dusky pink is a great alternative to give more of a subtle feel.

The Traditional

No one can deny that the first colours that come to mind when you think of are red and green. Nothing gives you thrills like seeing a rich green tree complete with red decorations, hints of white and gold coming through the branches!

Whichever colour scheme you go for, be sure to enjoy every part of it! Buy or make things you love, cherish the memories of putting them up and sit back and delight in the beautiful tree you have created!

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