Easter Decorations Every Christmas Lover Needs

Easter decoration on a wooden background

While we wait for the “most wonderful time of the year” why not switch it up a bit with these stunning Easter decorations! These beautiful decorations make a change from just associating the holiday with chocolate, if you’re looking for something that will last a little longer and get us all feeling more spring-like, here are some decorations that we would usually see a Christmas, but for Easter!


Easter Tree 

while the Christmas tree is tucked up safe or has now made a home for the birds in the garden, why not get an Easter tree, is cute and doesn’t make any pine needle mess plus it comes with built-in lights, and fun colourful eggs and chicks to decorate, it will make your living room come alive with spring or make a lovely centrepiece for the table.


These are great for the kids, or if you’re looking to go back to the days of Pritt sticks and crayons they are fab for adults too. These  DIY crackers are a fun activity and make a great after-dinner game! You could get your prizes and make them for each other so there is still a surprise of what’s inside. The kit comes with mottos and hats and decorations for the outside of the crackers too. The best thing about these crackers is unlike many shop-bought alternatives, these are fully recyclable, meaning that as long as you steer clear of filling them with single-use plastic, you can have all the fun with no harm to the environment.



These baubles have had a spring makeover! With brightly coloured patterns and a classic egg shape, they make a great addition to a house plant or even your very own Easter tree, or scattered around the house! They are reusable too!



Tinsel is not just for Crimble but for Easter too! This colourful festive piece can be used to make a homemade garland or can make the mantelpiece brighter! It’s lightweight and super easy to mould into shapes or around rooms. Also, make a wonderful colourful birds nest decoration.



Missing the sprinkling of Christmas lights around the house? These shiny little easter eggs and chicks lights are bright as well as adorable. Plus they have a timer so no need to faff around with plugs late at night! They look great on an Easter tree, around a bannister, or pretty much anywhere and they will certainly bring some Easter cheer!



Instead of Sanat stop here signs, make sure the easter bunny knows where to stop off on his travels with these Easter banners. If the outside of your house is missing some Easter cheer these banners are waterproof for those rainy April days. Time to show up your neighbours outside decorations all year round!


Because, why no? Go big or go home, right? This decoration is over the top in the best way! Complete with overalls and a bow tie this happy bunny rabbit is waving all the joy Easter is about!

We hope these decorations give you some Easter cheer, and some inspiration to make your home feel festive in a different kind of way, a spring kind of way! Enjoy your Easter have fun, be with friends and family, even if it’s virtually and most of all have a great and relaxing time!

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