Our friends share some Christmas Cheer!

It’s amazing and heartwarming what a quick “shout out” to friends on social media can achieve when you ask them to send a picture of their Christmas trees or decorations that they like.  Suddenly your feed is alive with all kinds of wonders and you feel you learn a little more about your friends as well – not to mention picking up some cool ideas for Christmas.

A friend in Nevada posted this cool picture of her tree which turns into a character – is it the Grinch or maybe Oscar the Grouch?- when two large eyes are added.  Perfect as she works with primary school aged children, so her tree perfectly embodies her sense of fun and playfulness.

Meanwhile a friend from Ohio has created a magical “forest fairy” theme for her tree.  The whole tree begins to feel like a walk through snow filled forest filled with amazing creatures.  Part way up is a Santa which has a very elfin quality framed nicely by a green butterfly, while at the top of the tree the traditional angel has morphed into a beautiful Fairy Queen.  This is the kind of tree you could spend hours just sitting and looking at.

Another friend from the States posted these beautiful close ups of lights on her tree.  I’m a particular fan of multicoloured lights for my tree, and really like the ambience she’s created with beads and ribbons.

Meanwhile back in England, a friend from Kent has a really elegant tree, where the warm white lighting and large butterflies create a beautiful focal point for his lounge, and go really well in the surroundings of his modern home.

From Ireland comes some fun: my cat loving friend responded with this picture of her cat cozying up to a nice warm fire, no doubt settling in for a long winter’s evening ending in a hot chocolate.

For even more fun, another American friend sent a pic of all these creatures lined up in the car which really made me smile.

Why not try it yourself – ask friends from across the world to post some Christmas pics – and send them to us so we can share them with Christmas lovers everywhere!

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