6 Steps to the perfect decorated Christmas tree!

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Watching Hallmark Christmas films have filled you with ideas of a lavish and perfectly decorated tree. Then you cast your mind back sad trees of Christmas past and wonder just how do they get it to look so good!

Well it is all about decorating in steps! By following this order you take the stress away from tree decorations, getting all tangled up and all of your hard work looking a little more like Christmas beast than a feast for the eyes!

1. Lights

It may sound simple, but always start with the Christmas lights, this helps the understated glow of the tree shine through across the rest of the decorations, without the wires covering other decorations.

It doesn’t matter what style you go for, the colour, the size, pop your lights on first and you will be on the right path to tree bliss.


2. Garland/Tinsel

Do you prefer a more sophisticated fabric garland creating dramatic effects on your tree? Or are you more of the glitz and glam tinsel fan? Maybe you are even going for a more traditional feel with dried fruits and popcorn string? Which ever one you are using, add it on now!

This way you wont end up hiding any of your lovingly chosen baubles or hangings, it will also help you achieve an even covering. Why not try using a mixture of textures and thicknesses to add some interest to the tree, think thin beading and thick fabric garland!


3. Add your favourite decorations

It can be tempting to save the best till last, whilst this is true for many things when it comes to decorating the tree the opposite is best! This way you get to pick prime real estate for your beloved decorations. Place them where they will be the star of the show!


4. Add the larger decorations

By adding the larger decorations next, you will find it easier to create balance throughout the tree. Spreading them out evenly can make your tree look elegant and larger, giving you more space!


5. The medium and smaller decorations

Now is time to have at it! Go wild with the rest of the decorations filling in the gaps you have made with the other decorations.


6. Crowning Moment

Stand back, admire your handy work and carefully place your topper, whether that is a star, angel or anything else, on the top of the tree. This is a precious moment of Christmas so take time to enjoy it!

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