When should I take my Christmas decorations down?

Whether you hang on to the tinsel as long as possible or want to reclaim your home to feel spacious again, when to take down the Christmas decorations can be a large debate!

Depending on what you believe there are 3 days that are tradition to take your decorations down on, this is December 31st, January 5th or January 6th. But why these days?

December 31st

If you are superstitious you may want to take your decorations down before midnight on December 31st to avoid any bad luck for the new year. It is said if your decorations are still up when the midnight new year bell rings you will be bringing your baggage and bad luck with you over to the new year! Are you a new year new you person? Then the 31st is for you!

January 5th

On the 12th day of Christmas, we take down the Christmas tree. When saying goodbye to the Christmas session can feel a little much, you are still munching on those Christmas cookies and enjoying all of the films you can only watch once a year, then go for the 5th of January.

January 6th

Is Christmas a time to celebrate your religion? Then the 6th of January is when you should pack up those baubles. This coincides with the Christian holiday, Epiphany, a day marking the revelation of God in human form as Jesus Christ.

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