We Review – The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop – Caroline Roberts

Prepare yourself for some rumbling bellies and midnight snacks as you enter the world of “The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop”. From the start, descriptions of the chocolates that Emma makes will grip you, add in the scenic village, a love interest and Christmas, and you have this fantastic book!

Emma is trying to move on from her past with a new beginning at the chocolate shop to sell her amazing sounding treats. As different obstacles come her way, you find yourself wanting to shout at the pages, routing for love and for Emma to finally have the happy life she deserves.

With a few saucy scenes, and the great imagery that Caroline Roberts has created in this book, you will keep saying “just one more chapter”. A lot can happen in a year in a small village. Two strangers kiss on boxing day, young love blossoms, horrid landlords can add a dampener but a supportive community can bring you right back up, which gives you everything you need for a heart-warming Christmas story.

Complete with recipes for some of the mouth-watering chocolates in the back of the book, this book is more of an investment! It would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s stocking or treat yourself and make some of those chocolates for the festive season. As the story is spread out over a year, Christmas is not shoved into every chapter, which works well as you feel the time progressing and emotions changing.

Overall Review

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