Hacks to Make your Christmas Jumper Hunt More Eco

We live in a society that encourages disposable fashion. The growing attitude is, if it’s been seen on Instagram I ain’t wearing it again, further fuelled by the fact that fashion is increasingly cheap to buy; and it’s having a catastrophic impact on the environment.
While most of us do enjoy a spot of shopping and wearing fresh outfits, here are some savvy ideas for making a statement with this year’s Christmas jumper, while being a little kinder to our planet.

Charity shops

If you’re a charity shop snob, then it’s time to re-think your attitude. Charity shopping has come a long way from the dingy places that your grandmother used to browse in. With high-end fashion being that much more available, charity shops can be a treasure trove of absolute gems. With lots of people donating all kinds of clothes including Christmas jumpers, now is the perfecting time to get browsing and see what you can find. It will also be kinder to your wallet.

Second hand clothing apps

Whether you’re a certified eBay aficionado, or have barely used the site it’s worth noting how lucrative it can be on the fashion hunting front. Apps such as Depop and Vinted are also great for finding good quality clothing that has been preloved and looking for its new home, at a reduced rate. Many items are unwanted gifts with the labels still attached and have never been worn. You are then able to purchase them for a fraction of the price, save unnecessary waste and look fresh ready for the festive season. Winner winner!

Christmas clothes swaps

This is literally the best idea! Send out a message to your group of friends and make a date to pool in all the clothes you don’t need or want anymore. You then get to pick out what you like of theirs. It’s true that other people’s clothes always look better and quality items last a lot longer than the few times you are often willing to wear them. Plus, it doubles up as a nice little social. Why not warm up some mulled wine for good measure?

Customise, or make your own!

Want a truly unique style, then the answer is to don your creative hat and make your own. If starting from scratch is a little daunting, then try customising outfits to get maximum use out of them. You could start by adding a festive lace trim and moving up to something a little more challenging. You can have an entirely new looking Jumper in no time! Plus, you’re never going to run into anyone else wearing the same thing!

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