Everything you need for an Easter egg Hunt this Year

Children having fun in park. Easter egg hunt concept

While Christmas might be our favourite holiday, that doesn’t stop us from loving everything about Easter too! So here is everything you need for the main event on Easter Day.



You can’t have an Easter egg hunt without the eggs. Whether you go for home decorated, reusable, chocolate or a mixture of all of these. Make sure you have a good stock so that everyone can find enough to fill their baskets. The best ones are brightly coloured so they are fun and easy to spot. And don’t forget, if you have your egg hunt outside make sure nothing gets left behind as although we might like to eat them they can be harmful to pets and wildlife.


Now you have your eggs sorted, you will need something to collect them in! There are some gorgeous woven and felted baskets out there that can be kept safe and reused year after year. They also make lovely decorations for the house once the hunt is over.



Keep your competitors on track with these cute signs. Especially good if you have little ones, it lets them find their way with a little less help from the grown-ups. If your hunt is indoors you can still pop signs up around the house to make it extra fun.



Clues are not essential for an easter egg hunt but they can make it a little more engaging for older children. If you have lots of time writing your own clues can be super fun. But if you don’t have time you can grab these pre-written generic clues off of amazon, they have both an inside and an outside version depending on where you’re holding your hunt.



Looking the part is also a super fun element of an easter egg hunt, these super cute bunny ears make lovely accessories and they can be worn through the Easter season.


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