We Review – A Godwink Christmas – Hallmark – 2018

Hallmark has out done itself with over the top festivities in this film! You are instantly transported to a large family party where the house itself looks like all of the Hallmark decorations have been hung!

This simple and predictable love story starts when Alice and Jack quite literally bump into each other. The chemistry is obvious from the moment they touch. With more than a few coincidences or “godwinks”, it is clear to all that these two were made for each other.

When they find out that they are both heading to the same wedding, Jack offers to give Alice a ride, resulting in the love between them blossoming and a handful of Christmas traditions are fit in along the way. As her family gathers information about Alice’s mystery man, they gather around and meddle in the way only family ever could!

With both Alice and Jack set on the fact that they are to busy for a partner, will these two ever see what is so clear to everyone else?

The film is easy to follow, kind on the eyes and true to Hallmarks high standard of cramming decorations and traditions in to a little over an hour! This film is best watched with present wrapping or decoration making as it can feel a little to predictable in places and far fetched in others. If you are looking for an easy watch and to be left feeling like Christmas will conquer all, then this is the film for you.

Traditions – 7

Family Meddling – 3

Impromptu Adventures – 2

Overall Christmas Feel –

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