We Review – A Holiday Engagement – Hallmark – 2011

Based around thanksgiving, and the weekend after means that there is not a lot of Christmas traditions rammed into this film, rather just beautiful settings, funny moments and a story that keeps you hooked from start to finish!

Hilary thinks her life is set, she has a lawyer fiancé, an article writing job and finally someone to bring home to her mum for Thanksgiving dinner! Until all of those things slip right through her fingers. With her mum making such a fuss of Hilary bringing a fiancé home, how can she possible tell her that that is not going to happen?

That’s when her friend hatches a plan to hire a fiancé for the weekend. Enter the fake fiancé David.

As the weekend goes on, so too does the drama. In a film that you can predict the ending, the curves it takes to get there aren’t always so obvious.

If you are looking for that feel good factor then pop this film on, sit back and enjoy!

Overbearing Mum Moments – 6

The Wrong Fiancé – 1

Christmas Traditions – 0

Overall Rating –

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