We Review – Christmas Under The Stars – Hallmark – 2019

This film is not your usual Hallmark getaway village. It is set in the city, with Clem’s 30th year at the Christmas tree lot being the glue that brings all our characters together. But fear not! It has a beautiful way of stringing together Christmas spirit and traditions, whilst maintaining a more meaningful message.

Julie and her son, Matt are trying to figure out how to do Christmas this year without their beloved dad/grandad. He used to be Clem’s right-hand man at the Christmas tree lot and would bring that extra touch of Christmas love and joy to everyone.

Nick is a high roller in the finance world, who believes he is a sure thing for a promotion. When it a twist of fate, he is in fact fired, it gives Nick the chance to stumble upon Clem and his need for a handy man. In true Hallmark fashion, Nick claims to be “not the Christmas tree type”, which you know will end up changing by the closing credits!

Featuring real moments of grief, struggles and deep meaningful moments, this is one of those Christmas films that leave you with the sense that Christmas spirit is not just for tinsel, but can show you the spirit of life!

You feel the instant connection when Julie and Nick meet for the first time, as with many Christmas films you end up routing for them to finally have that first kiss! Will the magic of Christmas mean these two lives become more and more entangled? Can Julie and Max have a special Christmas after losing a loved one? Will this truly be the last year of Clem’s Christmas tree lot?

Whilst this film will not leave you feeling like you have visited Santa’s grotto, it should be one to watch! It takes those all to real negative feelings that can be stirred up and moves them into something more positive but not unattainable for everyone. Not your classic Christmas film but definitely one to watch!

Traditions – 6

Flirty Moments – 4

Touchy Subjects – 4

Overall Christmas feel –

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