We Review – Christmas with the Coopers

Don’t let the poster fool you, this is not a light hearted, laugh out loud Christmas film. Instead Christmas with the Coopers follows 4 generations of a family, their struggles and how one major event can bring everyone back together.

This film is a combination of uplifting moments, that fill you with Christmas cheer to your very core, mixed with a few hard truths about life that we sometimes would rather not consider.

From Grandad to Granddaughter, the trials of everyday life can look different, but they can all boil down to a handful of feelings that we all face. From loneliness, to feeling like a disappointment, to new romantics and the ending of a marriage, no matter what stage of life you are at. There is a character in this film that will connect personally with you.

The star studded cast makes for easy watching, gripping scenes and emotional investment. If you are looking for Christmas cheer, then skip this one, if you need a little cry however, press play.

Awkward Moments – 3

First Kisses – 2

Traditions – 4

Overall Christmas feel –

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