We Review – Click and Collect

If you are looking for a mood lifting 53 minutes, then this is perfect.

Click and Collect tells the story of a Dad, who doesn’t really understand the desire for a plastic unicorn for Christmas. All he has to do is collect the toy that has been reserved, but when he gets to the till, the price has increased by over £20. Not knowing that the Sparklehoof he is arguing over is this years IT present, he decides to leave the toy behind. Only for it to be snapped up by the next in the line!

To make matters worse, when Andrew arrives home, he sees his over eager neighbour, Dev, has decorated both of their houses!

When Andrew’s wife finds the chemistry set instead of Sparklehoof, she confronts him in front of Dev. Little did they know Dev would take it upon himself to find maybe the last toy in the UK. The only problem is it is a road trip away. A big 9 hour round road trip away.

Get ready for silly gags and dad like humour. Perfect for popping on when you are all too full to move!

It may not be a Christmas classic, or even anyone’s new favourite, but it is a fun family hour.

Needy Neighbour – 1

Must Have Present – 1

Hours In The Car – 9

Overall Score

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