We Review – Holidate

Opening on a full-on, over the top, American Christmas home, Sloane prepares herself for another holiday alone. With the family focusing on the fact that she is the “last one single” it is hard not to feel sorry for her. Placing herself at the kids table and rejecting any form of well meaning “help” from the family, it is obvious that she is not having a Christmas to remember. Finish that of with pyjamas so big you could fit 5 of her in them, this is another holiday she would sooner forget.

Jackson is in his own personal Christmas nightmare too. Meeting the parents on the 3rd date of an overly keen new girlfriend seems like a waking nightmare of its own. Then there is the creepy childhood bedroom, the no boundary parents and matching Christmas jumpers. Unfortunately, the cargo pants gift is not enough to save this relationship. Especially when the new fling starts freaking out that he didn’t get her a Christmas present too! But she said no presents?

It is off to the mall to return these unwanted and semi-unusable gifts. That happen to come from the same store. And the two are returning them at the same time. Fate? Or just really bad timing?

This is where Jackson and Sloane cannot get refunds without a receipt and club together to sell their items to the rather strange lady behind them. Whilst walking through the mall, they try to one-up each other on who had the worst Christmas. When they walk past the Santa that Sloane’s Aunt brought home for Christmas, Jackson is intrigued by the idea of a “holidate”.

At first Sloane is not about to take Jackson up on the deal to become his holidate, but when her mother phones, yet again, with another man for her to meet, the idea of actually enjoying the holidays without the pressure of finding a date is just too tempting.

In what looks like a New Years Eve party we would love to attend; Jackson and Sloane have a great time. Is this the start of a budding romance? Or is it just a holidate that will ease the family pressure for a while?

This film is not family friendly. With the opening word beginning with an F it sets the tone for the rest of the film. However, it is the perfect date night film. It brings together all of those feelings of getting to know a partner for a first time. The excitement and confusion is represented so well that when there is a cringey moment, you feel it too!

Whilst it is not 100% about Christmas, it has the little sprinkle you need to get you through those long summer months before we can openly start with the festive classics.

We are also highly jealous of the parties they attend! If anyone is hosting something this extravagant, send us an invite!

Laugh Out Loud Moments – 5

Pure Cringe – 2

Scenes that will give you that sicky-drunk-hungover feeling – 1

Overall score

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