We Review – Love Hard

If you are looking for a hit of that feel good factor then this is the film for you.

Filled with nods to Christmas classics, this love story is brought into the 21st century. We would say it is more of a teen and above film, unless you are looking to explain a few online dating terms.

Natalie is a article writer, who uses her hapless love life to her advantage. Endless streams of bad dates are beginning to take their tole on Natalie, who is looking to take the blog in a new direction. But a pushy boss and one last ditch attempt at online dating could be just the thing she needs to find her soul mate.

You can almost feel the butterflies come through the screen as Natalie finds and talks non stop to Josh, the too good to be true match. When he mentions he wishes she was with him for Christmas, Natalie takes the risk and flies across country to surprise him. Only when she arrives, Josh isn’t who she thinks he is.

Is this going to be the most epic love story ever, or a complete disaster?

Whilst it would be a push to call this an epic love story, it is a sweet film that many will relate to. Perfectly balancing the strange family relationships with secrecy and modern day dating. It is a film you can wrap presents to or have a date night to. The plot isn’t particularly thick, but it does grab and keep your attention in a really relaxing way.

Once the kids have gone to bed, get a glass of mulled wine on the go and enjoy!

Christmas Traditions – 2

Attention Seeking Brothers – 1

Pushy Boss – 1

Overall Score –

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