We Review – Single All The Way

Get ready for some good old cookie cutter style festive fun.

When Peter gets excited to finally bring home a boyfriend for Christmas, his dreams are smashed around him. Nick, Peter’s best friend, spots the boyfriend with his wife and kids.

Filled with dread for yet another Christmas where Peter’s lack of love life is the centre of attention, he begs Nick to come with him. After a bit of pleading, Nick finally agrees to go with Peter and pretend to be the surprise boyfriend. Surely we all know where this goes right?

Plot Twist!

Carol, (otherwise known as Christmas Carol) has set Peter up on a blind date. The fake boyfriend plan is dropped before it even starts as Peter reluctantly agrees to go.

Will Peter find true love in his home town? Does meddling family members make things better or worse? You are going to have to watch to find out.

We cannot stress enough how much joy this film brought to us. It has all of the essential ingredients to become a new Christmas classic! It may be a film we have watched in variations thousands of times, but it is the added characters that bring this tale to life.

From the eccentric Aunty, to over-woke mum and the huge helping of beautifully festive scenery, there is nothing but stress reducing relaxation when watching this film.

Awkward Moments – 3

Traditions – 3

Dancing to Britney – 1

Classic Romance – 3

Overall Score

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