We Review – The Christmas Chronicles – Part 2

The Christmas Chronicles Part 2

With the first instalment of The Christmas Chronicles receiving rave reviews, not just from us (read it here) but the internet as a whole, we were really excited to finally get the chance to watch part 2.

We find Kate and the rest of the Pierce family in Mexico, with Claire’s new boyfriend Bob. In a change of speed, it seems as though Teddy is the one full of cheer, with Kate struggling to accept the sunny Christmas and the new man in the family. After all, it is not just Bob, but his very cautious son Jack too!

When the idea of a proposal comes up, Kate finds it all too much. Looking to Santa for a different kind of Christmas wish, Kate looks to run away. Although, was it Santa who was listening?

Jack becomes suspicious of Kate when she tries to give him the slip for Kids Club. As a shuttle to the airport arrives for Kate, he hitches a ride. Little did he know she was looking to run away. Little did she know this was no ordinary ride to the airport.

Queue Belsnickel and his evil plans to get back at the Claus’! Who is Belsnickel? And why is he so mad? You will have to watch to find out.

This film feels more aimed towards the younger generation. Relying heavily on special effects and fantasy, rather than the real world. Mrs Claus takes more of an important role in this film, along with the elves. Unfortunately, as with many sequels, the first one was better.

Gingerbread Explosions – 2

Santa Jamming out – 1

Sleigh Fights – 1

Overall Christmas Feel –

For our review of part 1 of The Christmas Chronicles, Click Here.

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