We Review – The Christmas Chronicles

Grab onto your Santa hats, this one is going to be one heck of a ride!

The Christmas Chronicles opens with quick home videos of each year’s Christmas. In this you get to see the family dynamic, the children growing up, and the happiness that they radiate.

Cut to today, Dad is no longer with us, Mum always has to work, and Teddy has reached his rebellious stage. When Teddy goes out with friends, rather than looking after his little sister Kate, she goes out with the video camera, and spies on him, as all good little sister do!

When Mum is called into work on Christmas Eve, Kate is left watching old Christmas videos with her Dad in. But wait, what was that?

A glimpse of a hand has Kate excited and ready to enlist her brother in capturing Santa on tape for the very first time. With the bribe of a secret being kept between the two of them, how could Teddy refuse?

Que some dodgy, Home Alone meets Scooby Doo traps, and they are ready for an all nighter!

The ringing of bells wakes them from their sugar crash slumber and its all systems go. Faced with Santa’s sleigh, Kate can’t help but get a closer look. In jumps Santa, who hasn’t noticed the two stow-away’s.  Is this the start of the best Christmas Eve ever, or a whole load of trouble?

This film keeps you gripped from start to finish! So get the popcorn on, and gather around for a true family favourite.

Magic Moments – 5

Santa Jamming out – 1

Flying Reindeer – 8

Overall Christmas Feel –

Read our review of Part 2 here.

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