The top contenders for Christmas Number One 2021!

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The heat for the sort after Christmas number one is always hot! Some years are pure classics, others we would sooner forget (we are looking at you Bob the Builder). Each year we have our favourites that we cheer on. Patiently waiting to see if they will top the charts. 2021 is the year of festive fun, with Ed Sheeran and Elton John joining forces, even Craig Revel Horwood makes an appearance. Listen and find your 2021 winner here.

Ed Sheeran And Elton John – Merry Christmas

In a track suit which wouldn’t look out of place in The Squid Game, Ed Sheeran welcomes us into one of the funniest and bizarre Christmas videos of all time. From tributes the The Snowman to East 17, the video might distract you from the music itself! The tune is one we will be humming all day.

Adele – Easy On Me

Back with a bang, Adele is going to be tough to beat this year. Any song for her long awaited 4th album could steal the top spot, our money is on this new classic. You will find everyone belting these big notes out after a few buck fizz!

George Ezra – Come On Home For Christmas

From the off you are greeted by George’ unmistakable voice and find yourself bobbing along. This one is sure to find its way into Christmas playlists for years to come. It may not make the top spot, but it will certainly stand the test of time.

ABBA – Little Things

Yes you read that right, ABBA is back. This Christmas song feels more like a lullaby than something you will be choosing at the festive Karaoke. It is perfectly suited to send us to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Gary Barlow & Sheridan Smith – How Christmas Is Supposed To Be

Mum’s favourites everywhere will rejoice at this Christmas song brought to us by Gary Barlow and Sheridan Smith. With relatable lyrics about the struggles of being with your partner at Christmas, this is as cheesy as it gets.

The Lathums – Krampus

Playing into all of our underlying fears of Christmas being cancelled yet again, The Lathums bring us this anti-Christmas song. Surprisingly catchy and comforting, the song takes all of the pressures of 2021 and wrap them in a song about enjoying the moment.

Craig Revel Horwood & Rietta – It’s Christmas, Merry Christmas!

Bringing all of the cringe of watching your drunk parents when you were a teenager, this video is like a car crash, you can’t quite look away! Unfortunately for us, the tune is catch and we will find ourselves singing it around the dinner table!


If you are looking for more festive cheer, why not check out our 30 years of Christmas Number Ones in our Winter 2021 Magazine! Let us know which song you will be routing for by emailing [email protected] or get in touch on Facebook or Instagram!

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