We review – A Wish for Christmas – Hallmark 2016

“Why can’t we all feel a little love for 365 days a year”

It’s a busy December morning, when the shy, junior web designer, Sara is swept up in the office morning rush. From having to share an elevator with her bah humbug (but handsome) boss, Peter, to having her ideas for a new launch, Christmas 365, stolen by her manager Dirk, today really isn’t Sara’s day!

That is, until the office Christmas party! Sara is handed a secret Santa which could change everything, 48 hours of a wish. “Done with being a doormat” Sara confides to Santa that all she really wants is the courage to stand up for herself.

Does Sara’s wish become granted? Can she show Peter the true meaning of Christmas? Will Christmas 365 get off the ground?

This simple yet sweet film gently takes your hand and walks you through beautiful scenery and Christmas traditions in a way that only Hallmark can. Although there are no twist and turns, this easy to follow plot line will be perfect as a pick me up or to write your Christmas cards to! So put on a batch of hot chocolate and enjoy!

Mystical powers – 2

Near kisses – 1

Christmas traditions – 3

Overall Christmas feel –

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