We Review – Christmas Land

If you are looking for a touch of escapism and to loose yourself in simple story, then pop the kettle on and press play on Christmas Land.

We open on glorious scenes of every Christmas Lovers’ dream! A village filled with Christmas trees, a bakery, bauble decorations and an over the top Christmas light switch on.

Fast forward 25 years and the branding genius, Jules, is busy making a marketing strategy. One so good we wish we had thought of it! With a promotion but a no-show boyfriend, she is enjoying the success that all of her hard work has brought. She can finally stop moving around the world and settle down.

Excited to tell boyfriend Mitchell that she can finally unpack, he sets about flicking through the mail that is stacking up. That is when he spots the lawyers letter. Jules she has just inherited Christmas Land! Whilst there is a slight lack of emotion for her poor deceased grandmother, Jules is ready to visit and get the property sold. That is, until she arrives.

Christmas Land

Bombarded with excited town members who are eager to get Christmas Land up and coming again, Jules has to tell a few people that she is in fact, looking to sell. You see Jules hesitate as she is signing papers to claim the lot. So she seeks reassurance from the local lawyer, Tucker.

When she is asked if she is the lady opening Christmas Land again by a young girl with puppy dog eyes, that is enough to break her. Jules decided it is time to re-open Christmas Land! This will help with the sale of it after all, right? Will Jules ever actually part with Christmas Land?

The scenery is beautiful, making you dream of visiting Christmas Land yourself. There are moments with a distinct lack of acting coming from Mitchell, or maybe he is so good he is able to make the character unlovable from 100 miles? But we are unconvinced. The 1 hour 24 minutes slips away as you sip your hot chocolate and cheer for Jules from the side-lines.

We doubt it will become anyone’s all time favourite Christmas film any time soon. However, if you are looking for a little shot of Christmas, than this is perfect.

Christmas Traditions – 3

Idiotic Agreements – 1

Coats we definitely want – 1

Overall score –




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