We Review – Doodle Halloween

Prepare for the cutest, most engaging and challenging 10 minutes of your life.

Doodle Halloween brings you a little black kitty, learning their spells, when a mean ghost takes over and tries to steal their book! To defeat the ghost, you must help the kitty cast the spells. By drawing the symbols above the ghost’s head, you cast a spell and poof, its gone. Sounds simple right? The first round is. But once the combos kick in, things get a little complicated. Especially if you are playing on a phone, as we found out the hard way. Sometimes the way you position your hand can hide sneaky ghosts and cost you a life.

As you chase the ghosts around the tower, the levels get harder, and the combos get longer.

You quickly become invested in the kitty’s story and want to help get their book back! All enhanced by the fun lighting special moves and satisfaction when you beat a level.

Between each level you are interrupted by and ad. Whilst this breaks up the pace of the game, it also works as a great time to catch your breath.

Hone your skills over 4 even increasingly challenging levels, ready for the boss fight on level 5! But watch out! Once you lose a heart on a level, they don’t regenerate on the next round. The only way to top the up is to keep an eye out for the ghost kitty, with a heart above their head. If you are quick enough, draw the heart and top up. It does take vital drawing seconds away though, will you run the risk?

Who knew you could so easily portray determination on a kitty with just eyes! The cute and captivating charm of the kitty itself is enough to make you retry on the levels you lose. Luckily you don’t have to start from the beginning, just the level you lost!

The only downside to this game is it is so short. Playing with the sound on increases the play, won’t lose the fun if you can’t hear the magical wand sounds.

This free game is definitely worth downloading. You will be itchy to go again to get a perfect run, or to beat your high score!

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