We Review – Robbie Williams – The Christmas Present – 2019

As Christmas Lover’s, we all understand the importance of a good Christmas album! From putting up the lights, to baking, to wrapping the presents, a Christmas soundtrack is a must. Robbie Williams’ offering to the Christmas greats is “The Christmas Present”.

Featuring covers of Christmas classics, from “Winter Wonderland”, to “let it snow” and even “Santa Baby” in the smooth tones and rocky twist that only Robbie can achieve, with some new hits including “Bad Sharon” featuring Tyson Fury and “Time For Change” this album ranges from festive fun to meaningful melodies.

Whilst this might not become a Christmas classic, the variety is certainly good at people pleasing! So if you have a wide range of guests this year, it may be worth investing in this album to keep the mood light and fun!

Having said that, it could be wise to skip “Happy Birthday Jesus Christ” and “Snowflakes” to avoid any uncomfortable conversations taking place.

Overall, this album might not get played every day, but as a way to feel festive without the use of bells or children, this album will hit the spot!

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