Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

Imagine this: it’s approaching Christmastime, and you’ve been extremely busy getting everything in order. The decorations fill the entire house with holiday cheer, thoughtful and exciting presents are beautifully wrapped and placed under the tree, and you’re excited to spend the day laughing and smiling with your loved ones. You’re ready to follow annual traditions while also creating new memories.

Then, you glance over at the fireplace where your family’s stockings hang. They seem different than usual. It hits you. You forgot to fill the stockings!

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We compiled some of our favorite ideas for Christmas stocking fillers to help you during this busy time. There’s a little something for everyone in the family, from cozy clothing to festive bottle openers. You’re sure to find something that feels just right.

Fuzzy & Fun Socks

You can never have too many pairs of socks, especially if you’re expecting a white, snowy Christmas. Fuzzy socks—or regular, if that’s what you prefer—are cute, cozy, and easy to stuff into a stocking, plus they come in all kinds of festive designs. You can opt for packs like these to make sure everyone has something to wear while celebrating the rest of the holiday. Every can sport their new socks all day long.

Small Spa or Beauty Products

There are seemingly endless small spa or beauty products to gift others. After such a busy holiday season, it’s a wonderful idea to relax and pamper ourselves. Give someone the gift of self-care. Items like candy cane Chapstick and other mini makeup are perfect for the occasion. Other options include holiday-themed bath bombs like this funny lump of coal or full self-care sets for your loved ones who really appreciate quiet and relaxing time to themselves.

Festive Drinking Accessories

For the adults in the family, festive drinking accessories are an excellent idea. Though full bottles are a bit too big and heavy to put inside stockings, things like bottle openers and cozies are small and thoughtful enough. We love this nutcracker bottle opener and this unique holiday sweater bottle cozy. You can also enhance the actual taste with something like mini cocktail syrup sets. If you’ve been planning way ahead and still have a little extra time before Christmas, browse Etsy for more personalized options.

Candy & Other Treats

Candies and chocolates are classic stocking stuffers that never get old. You’re likely not the only one whose sweet tooth prevails during the holidays, so why not spread the joy? In one trip to the store, you can select each person’s favorite sweet treats, or you can buy bags in bulk and distribute handfuls to every stocking. We also love these hot chocolate spoons with mini marshmallows for those who can’t get enough hot holiday beverages and star ornament truffles for those with more expensive taste.

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