3 of the Best Gin Cocktails

Gin has been making a steady comeback over the years. It has started to come in a huge range of flavours and colours. But how can we make it festive? Well, these cocktails are sure to take your gin from dry to pretty fly!

Santa’s Spice

Bring the warming flavours of Christmas to the heart of this drink. A perfect winter warmer after those late nights spent shopping, or in front of your favourite Christmas film!

For a glass of Santa’s Spice you will need

–          2 ounces gin

–          2 ounces orange juice

–          ½ ounce spiced syrup

–          2 drops of bitter

–          1 ounce of tonic water

–          Handful of ice

Using your trusty cocktail shaker, combine the gin, orange juice, bitters, syrup and ice and go to town shaking it up! Pour over ice, add the tonic and sit back and enjoy all of the spices Santa has to offer.

Winter Bramble

A bramble is a classic on all cocktail lists. It is a sweet delight that brings a smile to your face, so lets pop a little winter spin on it!

For a wonder in a winter bramble you will need

–          1 ounce of gin

–          1 tbsp Crème de mure

–          1 ½ tbsp spice syrup

–          2 tbsp lemon juice

–          1 ounce blackberry juice

–          Winter berries and cinnamon stick to garnish.

This drink looks fancy, but in truth is really simple. Combine all of the ingredients over ice, give it a good stir and garnish with the berries and a cinnamon stick. This will also look great made in batches in a glass pitcher.

Sleigh Sloe

Sloe gin is a true Christmas classic, many people make their own, which can be a great Christmas gift. But what happens if you end up with a batch that you don’t know what to do with? Fret not! Try this easy cocktail and enjoy.

For one glass you will need

–          1 ounce sloe gin

–          1 ounce red vermouth

–          1 ounce Campari

–          A slice of blood orange

–          Ice

One of the easiest cocktails to make, pour the ingredients over the ice, and use the blood orange to garnish. Not only is it a lovely Christmas red, it tastes delicious too!

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