Festive Fun with Rum Cocktails

Christmas mulled wine. Traditional Xmas festive drink with decorations and fir tree

If rum is your spirit of choice, then prepare yourself for some of the best festive fun yet! Here are some of the best Christmas cocktails that rum can offer.

The Grinch

Think Grinch green, with a fruity twist, this cocktail is sure to make your heart grow three sizes bigger!

For one drink you will need;

–          2 ounces midori liqueur

–          1 ounce clear rum

–          4 ounces lemon and lime soda

–          A maraschino cherry

To make this simple cocktail just add ice to a lowball glass, add the midori liqueur and rim. Top with the lemon and lime soda, give it a good stir and pop your cherry on top! You will be enjoying this cocktail in no time.

Winter Sunshine

When the days get shorter, and we get less and less of sunshine, maybe it is time to make your own with this beautiful fruity drink!

For two cocktails you will need;

–          8 ice cubes

–          3 ounces canned coconut milk

–          2 ounces orange juice

–          2 ounces Malibu or coconut rum

–          Coconut flakes for the rim

To make the winter sunrise, rim a martini glass in the orange juice and coat it with the coconut flakes. Next up, pop the rest of the ingredients into a blender, and blend until it is a slushy texture. Pour into your martini glass and enjoy! This cocktail will work equally as well with white rum and pineapple juice, try them and see which you prefer.


Jingle Juice

Sometimes you just need something light and fruity to get the good times rolling. If this is the case, you will need some jingle juice!

To make four of these cocktails you will need;

–          2 ounces lemon juice

–          2 ounces lime juice

–          8 ounces orange juice

–          8 ounces pineapple juice

–          8 ounces sparkling water

–          8 ounces apple cider

–          8 ounces spiced rum

–          6 ounces triple sec

–          4 ounces amaretto

The list might be long for this cocktail, but it is really easy to make!

Grab yourself a picture, add ice and the spirits. Next up add all your fruit juices, the apple cider, and to finish the sparkling water! If you feel like making the drink look more festive then why not add some cranberries or orange slices as a garnish?

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