Prosecc-ho ho ho!

It’s Christmas, so let’s get the bubbles out and celebrate! These following cocktails will give you the special feeling of Christmas in a glass.

Cranberry Sparklers

These will look extra special to welcome guests to your Christmas party, with golden sugar rim, and rosemary sprigs to garnish, these cocktails will be the centre of many party snaps!

For four cranberry sparklers you will need

–          A bottle of Prosecco

–          2 ounces of Gin

–          8 ounces of Cranberry syrup

–          4 sprigs of rosemary to garnish

–          A handful of fresh cranberries to garnish

–          Gold baking sugar for the rim

–          A lemon to rim the glass

To prepare your champagne flutes, run the lemon around the rim, and roll in the gold baking sugar. This will give the glass the extra wow factor! Pop a few cranberries in each glass, followed by a splash of gin, and 2 ounces of the cranberry syrup. Next fill each glass with the prosecco and top with a sprig of rosemary! Crack the Christmas tunes on and enjoy!


Chambord Bellini

If you are looking for a simple cocktail, which you can make and enjoy in minutes, then look no further! Filled with frozen berries, this cocktail counts as one of your five a day right?

For a pitcher you will need

–          6 cups of frozen berries, all of your favourites will work well!

–          10 ounces of Chambord Liqueur

–          A bottle of prosecco

–          Rosemary sprigs to garnish

There is nothing fancy to this cocktail, just pop it all in the pitcher, give it a stir and serve!


Christmastime Clementine

Take the classic Christmas clementine and add a bit of fizz. For a refreshing and light, this striking orange cocktail will stand out from the crowd!

For 8 cocktails you will need

–          5 ounces orange liqueur

–          8 ounces of orange juice

–          2 clementines

–          A bottle of prosecco

Pop the orange liqueur and juice into a jug and leave to chill until you are ready to serve. Thinly cut the clementine into slices, with a little split in the side to pop onto the rim of the glass. When you are ready to serve, add the prosecco to the jug, give it a stir and pour into glasses. For an extra special touch, run the orange around the rim of the glass and roll in sugar before serving!


Honey, its pear

We love the richness of Christmas, so why not go indulgent with this honey and pear prosecco cocktail? The extra touches in this cocktail makes it feel extra special and decadent.

To make one of these cocktails you will need

–          ½ ounce of honey

–          1 small vanilla bean, cut down the centre

–          1 ½ ounce pear juice

–          3 ounces of prosecco

–          Your choice of garnishes, good options are vanilla beans, pear slices, honeycomb, or edible flowers

Pop your honey, vanilla bean and pear juice into a cocktail shaker, filled half-way up with ice, give it a shake for 15 seconds and pour over a strainer into a champagne flute. Top with your chilled prosecco and the garnish of your choice. Pop the fire on and unwind.

If you make any of these cocktails, we would love to hear which one is your favourite and see some pictures! Is there a cocktail that you love that we have missed? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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