Share the Christmas Spirit – Vodka Based Cocktails

Christmas is a great excuse to try out something new, so why not try out a new cocktail! These vodka-based cocktails are sure to wow at any party. The only hard part is choosing which one to try out first!

 Jack Frozen

This cocktail combines the cold bite of winter with fruity tropical notes, which will be a hit with everyone!

You will need

–          Corn syrup

–          Shredded coconut

–          7-8 cups of ice

–          8 ounces of pineapple juice

–          4 ounces blue curacao

–          4 ounces vodka

–          4 ounces cream of coconut

To start, use the corn syrup and shredded coconut to rim the edge of your glasses.

Next, pop the rest of the ingredients into a powerful blender and mix until smooth. Simply pour into your glasses and you are ready to serve!


Partridge in a Pear Tree

Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle at Christmas? For a cocktail that makes you want to sing, that is classy enough for your cocktail party, but light enough for a cheeky brunch, then this is your go to cocktail!

For one cocktail you will need

–          2 ounces pear vodka

–          A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

–          ½ ounce of simple syrup 

–          Handful of ice

–          Champagne to top

–          Rosemary springs for garnish

For this show stopping cocktail, with little fuss, start with a champagne flute, and pop your sprig of rosemary in it.

Next, pop the vodka, lemon juice and syrup into a cocktail shaker. Give it a good shake, get those arms working! Pour this into your flute until it is half full, top with your champagne and serve! Let those oh’s and ah’s flood in!


Very Merry Cherry

For the red of Rudolph’s nose, and the sweetness of cherries, this cocktail is sure to be one that gets poured the most! It is super simple, will look fantastic in a jug and brings all of the fun of Christmas.

For one cocktail you will need

–          ½ ounce ginger syrup

–          1 ounce vodka

–          2 ounces cherryade

–          1 ounce lime juice

–          Cherries and lime to garnish

–          Ice

Pop your syrup, vodka, ice and lime juice into a cocktail shaker and shake for 30 seconds. Pour into a glass with ice, top with the cherryade and decorate with the cherries or lime! Super simple yet super effective!



When you think of Christmas, cranberries and vanilla seem like classic flavours. So why not create a jug of this festive tipple and let the good times roll? Easy to make, super fun and effective and perfect for any party!

For a pitcher you will need

–          9 ounces of vanilla flavoured vodka

–          9 ounces cranberry juice

–          A bottle of prosecco or champagne!

–          Fresh cranberries to garnish

There is nothing to this cocktail, chuck it all in your pitcher or jug, give it a stir and set out to serve! This no fuss cocktail will go down a treat!


If you make any of these cocktails, we would love to hear your thoughts and see some pictures! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Happy cocktailing everyone!

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