Our Festive Hot Cross Buns Recipe

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Easter Breakfast with Hot Cross Buns, served on Wooden Chopping Board, Dark wooden Rustic Background. Top View

At the club we like to make sure there is a little festive cheer in everything so here is how you can add a little taste of December into our Easter Hot Cross Buns!

Our top tips for making the perfect festive hot cross buns

  • The proof really is in the prove. Like any dough getting the proving, right is essential so make sure you give your dough plenty of time to grow.
  • Swap up cling film for a more eco, damp clean tea towel, this way you’re making less waste, and the tea towel keeps your dough nice and moist.
  • We use a stand-alone mixer in our recipe to make life super easy, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can make these yummy buns without them. You will just need some strong arms for some extra kneading.
  • When you warm your milk, make sure not to bring it to a boil, we just want it warm enough to get the mixture going. If it is too hot it will scramble your egg and leave you with a lumpy mixture. To test this, place your fingertip in the milk and it should be warm enough to feel cosy but not so hot that you burn your finger.
  • Sticky dough equals softer buns so don’t be too put off if your dough is stickier than a normal bread dough as long as it comes away from the sides of the bowl it is perfect.
  • Let them cool! Although they will smell amazing and you will want to rip them open and gobble them up, they will be much nicer if left to cool.


DOWNLOAD the printable recipe here: Hot Cross Buns Recipe Card


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