8 Heart Warming Homemade Christmas Gifts

People really cherish the thought and the time that goes into homemade gifts for Christmas. Creating a present especially for someone really captures the true essence of the festive season.

Best set aside some time and get making then!

Bird feeder

Birds need us to help support them through the harsh winter months and what better way to boost their chances than providing them with a handmade feeder. Giving these as gifts is a great way to make sure that as many birds as possible are benefiting from some extra sustenance when natural food supplies become more scarce.

Handmade soap

These yummy little soap cupcakes are with lavender and oatmeal, and love of course. Lavender is so soothing to the senses, not to mention one of the best herbs for skin health.

Photo gift

Photo gifts are perfect for when you want to do something that little bit extra special and meaningful for someone. You just know that they’re going to be overwhelmed with happiness when they open up a canvas of a collage you’ve compiled of some beautiful, shared memories. Better throw in a box of tissues with it.


Homemade Christmas hampers are one very special way of showing someone how much you care about them. Fill it with homemade chutneys and baked goods, along with Christmas decorations and maybe a bottle of their favourite tipple for the festive period. The trick is to include items that make it personal and to try to make as much of it as you can.

Chocolate Truffles 

These look and taste amazing and so so easy to make! The ultimate people pleaser. You only need a few ingredients and you can even make them Vegan if needed.


Candles create the perfect ambience in a room and can transform moods. With homemade creations you know exactly what has gone into them, so aromas can be personally selected and you know that no nasties have been included.

Infused oils

These are gorgeous and are sure to delight any chefs you have in the family and friends circle. You’ll also want to save a few back for yourself, as they make delicious dipping oils and add depth of flavour when used in cooking.


Old school and absolutely pitch-perfect as a present for someone you love. Have some fun with this one and you’ve got yourself a Christmas day soundtrack to boot.

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