More Eco Ways to Wrap Presents

In the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, you might be inclined to grab a bunch of wrapping paper at the store and cover your presents the way you usually do. Sure, the cute, festive patterns make hiding your purchases cute and fun until Christmas Day, but what about your environmental footprint?

Using so much paper and tape then disposing of it in the trash is a wasteful and environmentally harmful practice. Let’s all make a tradition of giving excellent gifts AND caring about the planet! Here are some more eco-friendly tips for wrapping your presents this time around.

Reuse and Repurpose Your Wrapping Paper

If you’re going to use wrapping paper, try to reuse it. You can smooth out pieces that are not too damaged to repurpose for other occasions. If you have any rolls leftover, store them in the closet and make sure to grab them next Christmas. This is much better than throwing away unused materials and planning to replace them later.

Create Your Own Cute and Recyclable Paper

Step away from the pre-decorated norm of traditional wrapping paper and grab some brown recycled paper. Though it seems boring at first, it’s an incredible opportunity to show off your artistic talent. If this isn’t really in your wheelhouse, it can also be a fun family activity. Have an exciting and festive time decorating the presents under the tree and bonding with your loved ones.

Buy Some Reusable Tote Bags

Reusable tote bags are great for carrying your groceries to and from your car or taking them to a store with you before you do any other kind of shopping. What you probably haven’t considered is how they can be used for the holiday season. In fact, they make great gift bags for Christmas. Though they look a little less traditional, it can be fun to change things up, and all you have to do is stuff them with biodegradable tissue paper.

 Keep Those Cardboard Boxes

If you’re ordering presents online, they’re coming in cardboard boxes of various sizes. Rather than quickly getting rid of them or feeling annoyed as they pile up in your house, utilize the fact that they keep your gifts a secret. Keep them in there! Alternatively, you can even play around with putting smaller objects in bigger boxes to confuse your loved ones on the big day.

Don’t Forget the Tape

Once you have your sustainable wrapping handled, you’re likely going to need tape. Before you mass purchase a bunch of traditional tapes, check out alternatives like biodegradable paper tape or tape made with plant-based materials.

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