How to Lend a Helping Hand to English Wildlife this Winter

Posted on Nov 11, 2021

It’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to saving the environment and protecting animals, however let this article restore some hope that there are things you can do which could mean the difference between life and death for your local wildlife.
The harsh winter months can be a perilous time for animals in the wild and lots won’t make it through to spring. This is where you can make a real difference and be instrumental in protecting certain species.

Bird tables

If you don’t have an actual bird table, then you can make do with a bowl or by sprinkling birdseed on top of a fence post. If you leave food out in the same place each day, birds will remember and keep returning to the spot. You may just help a little robin make it through the winter. Just be aware of places that might make them easy prey for cats.

Bug hotel

This is a great activity for kids and also protects the delicate eco-system that exists in your garden and the surrounding area. You never know, you may well have a royal visitor; as queen bees are on the lookout for a safe place to hibernate over the winter.


Dehydration during winter is a killer. When the weather starts to turn frosty and water sources freeze over, put dishes of fresh water out in the garden. Make sure you check them regularly and keep them topped up.

Mini mammals

A sprinkle of cat or dog food can go a long way for hedgehogs building up reserves before the long hibernation over winter.


It’s common for people to gather the materials for a bonfire in advance of the big night. During this time creatures might make it their home, for example dormice looking for a cosy little place to hibernate. This is obviously not what you want for something that is going to be set alight!
Definitely have a bonfire, just make sure that the materials are stored in a different place to where you have it and reassemble the stack right before it’s set to go up in flames.

Leaf piles

They may be considered an eyesore in a world of immaculate garden displays but leaving a few messy piles of leaves dotted around are just what hibernating animals need. Clear leaves off flowerbeds and the lawn and make them into a pile somewhere as a cosy little nesting spot.

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