10 Christmas Candles To Fill Your Home With Festive Fragrance

Christmas is a feast for the senses, from the glistening lights, to the music and don’t forget the delicious food. But have you ever come across a smell and thought, oh that’s Christmas?

The flickering light of a candle, combined with the relaxing fragrance of Christmas gently making its way through the warm, is a wonderful recipe for a cosy evening. Candles come in such a wide range of fragrances, from the obvious like orange cinnamon, to the fantastical, like Here Comes Santa, but all of them are sure to bring back a memory of Christmas love and happiness.

Here we have 10 of our favourite festive fragrances for you to choose from. All available from Amazon for quick and easy ordering. Your home will be filled with Christmas cheer in no time!

Lily Flame – Christmas Spice

Made in Somerset, this candle doesn’t have too far to travel to fill your home with the warming smells of cinnamon and cloves. In it’s beautiful bright red tin, it will fit right in to any Christmas display. With a burn time of 30 – 35 hours, you will really get your moneys worth of cosy evenings.

Shearer Candles –  Frankincense and Myrrh

Frankincense and Myrrh is part of the Christian Christmas story. Now you can have the rich Arabian blends of woods, spices, musk and vanilla fill your home. This candle has a burn time of 40 hours, perfect for the run up to Christmas.

Scent Selection – Christmas Pudding

Christmas isn’t complete without the smell of brandy being lit on the Christmas pudding. Well now you don’t have to wait for the big day to get that wonderful warming, rich smell. The perfect blend of fruit, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla come together to bring back memories of being at the Christmas table.

Wax Lyrical – Winter Morning

We were initially drawn to this candle by the welcoming smile of that happy polar bear. This candle isn’t food based, which is great if you prefer a clean, fresh smelling home. Snow lily, soft jasmine and hints of peppermint bring this fragrance together. Perfect for those times when Christmas can begin to feel a bit stuffy.

The Candle Company – Orange, Cinnamon and Spices 

The understated tin blends in beautifully anywhere in the home. The succulent smells of orange brought to life with the cinnamon and spices gives the air a warming feel. With a burn time of 35 hours, this will give you plenty of evenings, curled up in a blanket, of Christmas bliss.

Wax Lyrical – Winter Berries

Cranberries and raspberries, combined with citrusy apple and grape and just a dash of vanilla. No this is not a delicious recipe, but a sumptuous candle! The candle provides 135 hours of enjoyment, making it your go to for everyday use.

Village Candle – Here Come Santa

This extra large candle has 170 hours of bliss packed inside. Village Candle recommend burning it for 3 – 4 hours at a time to get the most out of it. Spot on for those long lazy evenings. A blend of spice cookies and cedar make you think Santa is just about to walk into the room!

Wickford and Co – Mulled Wine

Is there anything better than having the smell of mulled wine find it’s way to your nose? Get that happy, cosy feeling every evening with this mulled wine candle. You can get up to 95 hours of burn time from this one jar. That’s almost 4 whole days worth of non-stop mulled wine!

Stoneglow – Cinnamon and Orange

This stunning candle will be perfect in the middle of the Christmas table. The three wicks create a wonderful glow, and the candle itself is a masterpiece! With real botanical pieces to help boost the fragrance. You will enjoy the woody patchouli, vanilla and musk, brought to life with zesty orange, spicy cinnamon, nutmegs and cloves for up to 50 hours!

Yankee Candle – Christmas Eve

Get the excitement for the big day going on Christmas eve by bringing out this beautiful candle. The mix of sugar plums and candied fruits, lit a few hours before sleep, will send you sweet dreams. Just be sure to blow it out before you head to bed! The candle has 150 hours of burn time, meaning this will easily see you over the Christmas period.

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