10 Tips For Creating and Sticking to a Christmas Budget

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We know that Christmas is the time for giving, and the temptation to pick something up for someone “just because” or we “couldn’t resist” sits in every Christmas Lover. But with 2020 putting a strain on a lot of us physically, mentally and financially, this is the year to take time to make a budget and actually stick to it! Here are our top 10 tips.

1.Make a Gift List

The excitement of giving can be all too much and we end up grabbing “just a little something” for everyone including the postman!

This year really consider who you are gifting to. It may feel mean or scrooge-like but please remember, your presence is much more important than your presents! A heart felt message in a Christmas card can often mean more than another Lynx or Dove box set!

2.Consider Your Limit

Sit down with your expenses and take a bit of time to work out how much you can realistically and responsibly spend on Christmas this year. Divide this into food, events and gifts.

Take your gift amount and split it throughout the gift list. The kids and partners may have a larger chunk, but it will clearly show how much is feasible for everyone. The thought is what counts, why not check out Wonderlands Gifts under £10 to see just how far your money can stretch!

3.Keep Track

When you are out and about it is easy to forget the great gifts you have at home and pick up more, effectively blowing your budget at the tap of your card.

Most smart phones have a notes section, this is great for storing your gift list and marking down what your budget is for each person, how much you have spent on them and what you have brought. If you prefer pen and paper than it might be a great time to invest in a Christmas Planner.

4.Avoid the temptation to pop something in the basket for yourself

We have all been there, its been a long day, you fancy a little treat so you pop something in the basket. Before you know it not only have you brought everything that someone could of gifted to you, but your spends have started to deplete.

If you are shopping online, most places have a “add to wishlist” option. This is great for adding those things you love to a basket and giving anyone who asks access to it. If you were truly hoping for something that hasn’t appeared under the tree, then you can go back to your wishlist after Christmas and see if it has made it into the sales!

5.Play Secret Santa

With your group of friends you all want to spoil each other, but stop and think, do we really need to buy so much? Do you really need to get everyone a little something? Playing Secret Santa can be a great way for you all to have presents but with the added excitement of not knowing who brought what!

Websites like elfster.com are great for helping you get this all set up. It’s a fun way of giving, saves you money and helps the environment with less wrapping and less packaging!

6.Set Up Fun Gift Categories

Try setting a limit of presents with your partner with one being in a different category. The categories could be anything from something to wear, something to eat, to play, to read, to do, an experience to share or a wide range of things that mean something to you both. Agree on any number of categories and an overall limit and have fun with it!

This way you stop buying those little “filler” style gifts, which can all add up to tipping you over budget.

7. Make a little go a long way

We would be lying if we said we didn’t get excited at the idea of unwrapping presents. It heightens the suspense and thrill of the whole occasion. So why not extend it by wrapping everything individually. If you have brought a set of tools or make up brushes, why not wrap each item individually?

8. Add a little something to each food shop

Christmas is a time to be indulgent, and Christmas really isn’t the same without all of those naughty nibbles. However, waiting to add them to your big Christmas shop can have the total making your eyes water.

Why not start now and add one treat to each food shop! Things like chocolate and crisps have long shelf life so will keep for the big day. Clear out a cupboard and start your collection now and those treats will soon be a collection Santa would be jealous off!

9. Be A Savvy Shopper

Just because something is being sold on Ebay or in a charity shop doesn’t mean it isn’t necessarily new. People often pick up things they don’t use, have been gifted twice or simply don’t want and pop it on second hand sites or donate them. By looking in these “used” spots you may find that perfect present at a steal of a price!

10.Sign Up

Many websites will offer discounts or free postage and packaging if you sign up to their newsletter with your email address. These small savings can add up quickly. It is worth taking those few moments to pop your email address in to see what you could save.

Are you going to give any of these tips a try? We would love to know how you got on! Or let us know your tips by emailing [email protected] or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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