5 of the Best Christmas Planners

Christmas can seem like a hectic time of year, with presents to buy, events to attend and trying to find that perfect recipe. Luckily, Christmas planners have arrived to help you organise that busy brain!

These planners give you space to write ideas for everyone you need to buy for, addresses for sending cards, places for recipes and are lovingly presented so you can look back on it for years to come. It is time to get organised so you can relax and enjoy some festive fun.


Wrendale Designs

No country kitchen would be complete without this beautiful planner. With stunning festive illustrations that have become associated with Wrendale designs, this planner is sure to bring a smile to your face everytime you reach for it. The planner is broken down to sections including, Christmas Card List, Present Planning and Food and Entertainment, which will come in handy year after year!


The Mindful Christmas Planner

If you are looking for a more mindful, eco friendly or ethical Christmas than this planner is sure to help! The planner is full of prompts which are designed to help you identify what is really important to you this Christmas. With sections like Homemade Gifts, Zero-Waste wrapping ideas and Christmas self care, this could help you have one of the best Christmas’ yet!


Rubywoo Journal

Realise your inner child with this super festive and fun planner! In the classic filofax style and being available in A6 or A5 means this planner will stay nice even when it is chucked in your bag with everything else. When you pull out this planner it will fill you with Christmas cheer, taking away the stresses of Christmas shopping.


Busy B Christmas Planner

This sophisticated planner gives all the Christmas feelings, without being over the top. It would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. The planner has been designed with 5 years’ worth of use in mind. It is complete with plastic wallets, gold detailing and sections for cards, gifts, food and planning.


Christmas Organiser by Rachel Ellen

The cover of this elegant planner embodies everything that Christmas has to offer, from Santa red to gold decorations, you instantly feel like you are teleported to a Christmas film! The gorgeous style doesn’t stop at the cover, each page is lovingly created. Sections include recipes, Christmas card lists, planning festive feasts and even paper folders to store all of those receipts or bits and pieces.

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