6 Beautiful Mother’s Day cards you can get online

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As everything is a little upsidedown in the world at the moment, we are not able to browse the shop shelves as we normally would and shopping is not exactly the experience we all knew. Simple past times like browsing the card section, picking up each card to read the message, and spending time to find the perfect one for mum are just not possible right now. So, the club has browsed the internet and we have put together a little card collection for you, so you can surprise your amazing mum on Mother’s Day.

Even if we can’t see our Mum’s, Nan’s, or Grandma’s right now a few special words can really show that we care and are thinking of them on their special day. Here are our six top card picks for Mother’s Day. Some come with a good laugh others with a meaningful tear but they all show that we are here for our nearest and dearest, no matter what.


3D Bouquet 

Send your loved ones a message in a new dimension, 3D cards are a great way to go a little over the top on Mother’s Day!  If you can’t show up with a bunch of flowers this year you can send them this little bouquet that will even keep for a little bit longer than the real thing.


Keepsake Card

This heart warming card is a two-in-one, which makes postage much easier. It comes with a small wooden decoration that can be taken out of the card and keep as a reminder for years to come,  plus it comes with a stunning beautiful bright blue envelope that is bound to brighten up your mum’s day.


Hand Made

Save 10% on these cards with a special exclusive club discount. Use code: CHRISTMASLOVER to get 10% off. Send a little handmade love this year with one of the stunning handmade cards from the designer of our 2020 Christmas Card Molly Goodens. Each and every card is hand-printed and hand made and you can choose from either an ocean or mountain design. They are sold in a pack of two so one for Gran and one for mum! And remember when you support a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!


Mum in a Million 

Share your appreciation as well as a little giggle with this card, it is colourful and fun and comes with a little badge to make your Mum feel special all day.


A Meaningful Message 

Because all mums are superstars! This card really has a wonderful and relevant message, plus some tons of free space inside to add your own words. It’s inexpensive but has a great amount of meaning, and a bit metallic to add a shiny touch. and if all that wasn’t enough, it is 100% recyclable.


One for Gran

This card is especially for all of our lovely grandmas. Mothers day can also be a celebration for all of our lovely nans because after all, they are mums too!  It is a very cute and simple card so you can add your own touches to it!

Even if your closest people are not so close right now, we hope these cards give some help choosing one or maybe even some inspiration to make your own!

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