Green Christmas – Furoshiki – The art of fabric gift wrapping

As the world moves forward to becoming more Eco friendly and environmentally conscious, old traditions are reappearing, Furoshiki is no different.

What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki are a type of fabric used for traditional Japaneses gift wrapping. Founded in 1935, this beautiful way of wrapping is mainly used for lunches, as the cloth then doubles up as a table mat! The cloth can be folded in a wide variety of ways to create different looks and uses. It has been making it’s comeback as the world looks to refocus its energy on mindfulness, thoughtfulness, and less waste. Furoshiki can be kept and reused year after year, think of re-gifting but upgraded, you can even use the cloth as scarfs, blankets or decorative pieces.

Using Furoshiki can give you a new lease of life for wrapping presents. You can use different colours, textures and patterns, not only to look great under the tree but to personalise the wrapping style to each person!

Here are some of our favourite Furoshiki design.

Cat Camellia

sleeping cat furoshiki fabric for gift wrapping

This sweet stylised picture give you the festive feel whilst still being Eco friendly!



furoshiki fabric for gift wrapping eco christmas koi fish

With the golds of this furoshiki, you are giving the Christmas colours a new twist.


Maeda Senko

penguin print furoshiki for gift wrapping eco friendly gift wrapping for christmas

Bring a touch of ice to your wrapping with these adorable penguins!

If you are looking to go that extra mile with reduce, reuse, recycle this year, why not look in charity shops for scarfs that can be used in the same way!

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